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Freshwater Pearl Mix


Pearls are wonderful for hope, love, and faith.  The way that the pearl comes to be so lustrous and shiny, is through hardship, challenges and beauty that comes from struggle.  If that isn't beautiful symbolism.... :)

These three mixes come with 21 pearls: 7 different colors with 3 each.  There are center drilled and briolette (tip drilled) pearls.

Easter Basket is pastels and brights.

Wood Rose has browns, pinks and oranges.

Succulent combines green, browns and corals.

Jewelry samples are for inspiration, please copy and enjoy!

Basic Wire Wrap on charm bracelet with headpins:

Baby Knots on knotted bracelet:

Briolette Wrap (Tip Drill Wrap) on earrings:

Headpin Handle on charm bracelet: