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Gemstone Focal Bead Sets That Rock! - 6 pcs. (KT195)

Gemstone Focal Bead Sets That Rock! - 6 pcs. (KT195)

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Each set consists of six large focal beads which have a wonderful energetic effect. I have created healing jewelry with small beads and have been asked whether they are as effective as the larger ones.

Generally, color therapy is just as powerful regardless of the size of the beads, particularly when used as a reminder or for intentional work. However, when it comes to gemstones, I prefer a sizable piece that I can easily carry and won't lose in the carpet. It's a great feeling to hold and cradle that powerful piece and feel its energy transfer.

Please enjoy these combinations, and let me know if you would like to arrange a custom appointment for your own set.

1) Love

  • 14mm rose quartz
  • 14mm moonstone
  • 14mm kunzite
  • 15mm new jade
  • 14mm pink opal
  • 14mm crystal quartz

2) Power

  • 16mm nephrite jade
  • 14mm carnelian
  • 23mm turquoise
  • 20mm smoky quartz
  • 14mm hypersthene
  • 14mm crystal quartz

3) Be You

  • 14mm aquaterra jasper
  • 16mm unakite
  • 14mm prehnite
  • 21mm aquamarine
  • 16mm carnelian
  • 14mm crystal quartz

4) Think Big

  • 24mm rhodonite
  • 18mm bloodstone
  • 14mm rhodonite
  • 16mm phantom quartz
  • 12mm amethyst
  • 16mm crystal quartz heart

5) Acceptance

  • 20mm abalone inlay
  • 20mm natural cat's eye
  • 12mm petrified wood
  • 16mm brown sardonyx
  • 21mm rainbow jasper
  • 16mm crystal quartz heart

6) Focus

  • 14mm white quartzite
  • 16mm smoky quartz
  • 14mm blue/gold tiger eye
  • 25mm smoky quartz flower
  • 14mm red quartz
  • 16mm crystal quartz heart

7) Relax (Gemstone PDF)

  • 14mm amethyst
  • 14mm burmese jade
  • 16mm agate
  • 14mm carved shell
  • 25mm black agate
  • 14mm crystal quartz

8) Kick Ass

  • 15mm bloodstone
  • 14mm red tiger's eye
  • 14mm blue tiger eye
  • 14mm jasper (lg. hole)
  • 10mm lapis
  • 14mm crystal quartz

9) Protect and Deflect

  • 16mm lodalite
  • 20mm black tourmaline
  • 14mm black tourmaline
  • 19mm smoky quartz
  • 16mm golden obsidian
  • 14mm crystal quartz

10) Ha'aha'a (Humility)

  • 12mm amazonite
  • 12mm azurite
  • 12mm (approx.) North American turquoise
  • 15mm chrysoprase
  • 10mm Canadian Jade (2 pcs.)
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