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Green Amethyst 8x10mm Smooth Rondelle Bead - 8" Strand

Green Amethyst 8x10mm Smooth Rondelle Bead - 8" Strand

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  • 8x10mm Green Amethyst Smooth Rondelle Bead
  • 8" strand
  • Approximately 27 beads per strand
  • Each strand is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones

Green amethyst (also called prasiolite) serves as a reminder of the transformation that links our physical with our spiritual higher self.  It assists in bringing spiritual ideals into expression in everyday life, and reminds us to love and bless others and see through their human frailties to the spirit within. Green amethyst is a stone of namaste - a recognition of the divine spirit within all things. It helps one remain aware of the truth, removes filters, allows us to transcend the temptation of judgment and negativity, and facilitates “walking the talk” of spirituality. Green amethyst is the heart chakra stone.

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