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HALF OFF NECESSITIES SALE: .014" (Small) Cable Protector (2 Metal Options/Quantities)

HALF OFF NECESSITIES SALE: .014" (Small) Cable Protector (2 Metal Options/Quantities)

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We have more than 10 in stock
Month 9 of our NECESSITIES SALE!  Every month in 2023, we are deeply discounting something we use often and love, so that you can build YOUR stash of staples!  This month - the amazing wire protectors!  Amazing because it's something that will extend the life of your straight stringing projects to almost forever!

  • Limited to stock on hand!!
  • Sale ends Saturday, 9/30/23 or while supplies last.
  • Tell your friends!! 🤗
The perfect way to protect your stainless steel cable wire at the point where the PULLING occurs the most!  We highly recommend using these "pants" as we call it, in your straight-stringing projects for longevity and break-proofing the ends.  You simply string them on to cover the cable and you are done!

We use them on almost every project that calls for a crimp, and we haven't had a problem in over a decade!

  • 4mm length
  • Fits up to .019"-diameter cable
  • Quantity: 10 pieces
  • Available in 2 Metal Options:
    • Sterling Silver (100 pieces)
    • Gold Filled (50 pieces)

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