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Hawaiian Beach/Sea Glass - Undrilled Pieces

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Handpicked on the shores of Kauai, Oahu and Maui, these pieces of sea glass were chosen with lots of love and aloha! I love them as simple decor, carrying the peaceful and calm energy of Hawaii! I wear them in cages, and you can also use the beach glass in your sink or with plants, or make a tiny seashore scene on your work desk!

Wrap them with 26 gauge soft wire ala Jason's gift-wrapped sea glass technique, drill them with a bead reamer and make holes to hang as a pendant, OR glue onto a metal backing to make a super cute bracelet.


  • 23-25 grams of ocean tumbled sea glass from Hawaii (no holes)
  • Mini Assortment: Sizes range from 3 x 4mm to 6 x 8mm - approx. 30 pieces or more
  • Small/Medium Assortment: Sizes range from 4 x 8mm to 15 x 18mm  - approx. 12 pcs.
  • Large Assortment: Sizes range from 10 x 15mm to 15 x 30mm - approx. 7 pcs.
  • All the sea glass has been hand-picked by our friends!
  • Due to the random nature of sea glass, thank you for understanding that your mix will be similar but not exact to the sample photos, mahalo!