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Heliodor (Yellow Aquamarine) Graduated Faceted Slice Bead (2 Quantities Available)

SKU GEM50 (Strand) / 62519my025
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  • Heliodor (Yellow Aquamarine aka Beryl) Strand - Graduated Faceted Slice
  • Sizes vary, but range between 3mm to 7mm
  • Available in a 9" strand -OR- 10 piece package
  • Approximately 15 beads per inch
  • Each strand or package is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones

I LOVE this stone!  The color is all natural and vibrant, and wonderfully cut with facets.  All in all, a beautiful strand that is graduated, to give you all kinds of options of what you can make! 

Get TWO 9" strands if you want to make a full straight-strung necklace!

Yellow beryl is great for the development of personal power (activating that 3rd chakra) and strengthens your mind to move forward and make decisions that are good for YOU!  Transform your "I will," to "I am willing."