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Jason's Picks: Ground & Manifest Tumbled Stone Set - 6 pcs.

Jason's Picks: Ground & Manifest Tumbled Stone Set - 6 pcs.

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Featuring ONE OF EACH of Jason's latest picks and comes with a FREE Palo Santo Wood Stick this week only and ONE extra lepidolite :)

Stones are featured on Jason's 7/23/23 video on Facebook Live!

Grounding and Manifestation Kit

Mantra: "My dreams are coming true. I trust the journey because I am grounded and balanced."

  • Hematite (1 piece)
  • Lepidolite (1 piece)
  • Manganese (1 piece)
  • Peach Quartz (1 piece)
  • Prasiolite (1 piece)
  • Sunset Sodalite (1 piece)

This Grounding and Manifestation Mix was made with Jason's most recent selections! It is a thoughtfully combined set of stones meant to ground you while assisting you in bringing your dreams to life.

The emotional calmness offered by Peach Quartz and Lepidolite blends beautifully with the grounding and balance provided by Hematite and Manganese.

Prasiolite's energizing qualities and Sunset Sodalite's promotion of self-confidence come together to form a set that assists in bringing your spiritual and material selves into harmony for potent manifestation.

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