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Love, Harmony & Balance Tumbled Stone Set - 5 pcs.

Love, Harmony & Balance Tumbled Stone Set - 5 pcs.

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Love, Harmony and Balance Mix

Mantra: " My heart is open. I am balanced in love and resiliency.  I am in the flow of life."

  • Peach Quartz (1 piece)
  • Rhodochrosite (1 piece)
  • Lepidolite (2 pieces)
  • Prasiolite (1 piece)

These stones combine to make your life more peaceful, well-balanced, and harmonious. Peach Quartz's calming properties combine beautifully with Rhodochrosite's capacity for emotional healing to deepen a foundation of warmth and upbeat energy.

Combining the transforming qualities of Lepidolite with the bridging qualities of Prasiolite, this set invites a balanced flow of energy, promoting emotional fortitude and personal development.

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