*NEW* New Year Good Luck Mochi Bead Kit - Carnelian Plate

*NEW* New Year Good Luck Mochi Bead Kit - Carnelian Plate

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Kasane mochi for good luck, happiness & harmony in the New Year!  Stacked mochi represents the going and coming years, and the tiny orange symbolizes the togetherness of generations, longevity and prosperity.

Kit includes supplies to make 1 stack. When stacked, the mochi is almost 1" high.

All the parts are gemstones and the mochi are delightful freshwater pearls. They are all calorie-free :)

Pieces include:
  • 1 carnelian square plate: 10mm
  • 1 larger mochi: 11mm
  • 1 smaller mochi: 8mm
  • 1 carnelian tangerine: 6.5mm
  • 1 cubic zirconia leaf: 5mm

*Note: findings are NOT included!  You can use a 24 or 26 gauge wire. Since the "plates" are made of gemstones, they are all slightly different in color and hole sizes. 

*If your headpin fits the leaf but is too small for the plate, put a little a spacer at the bottom, or use a "ball" headpin that's larger than the plate hole!


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