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Oregon Sunstone 11- Strand Amazing Necklace

Oregon Sunstone 11- Strand Amazing Necklace

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Oregon sunstone is the state's official gem and is found nowhere else in the world!!  Sunstone is formed in molten lava and pops up to the earth's surface with a volcano's forceful help!  Oregon sunstone is all-natural, and comes in shades of pinks to orange, to reds and greens - and this particular necklace focuses on this brilliant copper color! 

There is a shimmering glitter effect in this necklace due to the "schiller" effect, which comes from very tiny copper inclusions within the gem, which refract and reflect light, making it look like a year-round party on your neck!!  We LOVE this necklace - and you can break it up to make multiples, or wear it all at once.


  • 11 strand Oregon sunstone necklace ready to wear (but we recommend re-stringing it for longevity)
  • 3.5 to 4.5mm ever so slightly graduated faceted Oregon sunstone
  • 17" shortest strand
  • 22.5" longest strand
  • Adjustable pull ties to extend length up to 40"
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