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Lepidolite Bracelet - Patience


A combination of gems for patience, persistence, and perseverance!  Ease your troubles with this soothing, balancing lepidolite bracelet.

Includes a touch of Botswana agate to promote creative thinking and problem-solving. One sardonyx focal for protection and stability. Reach your dreams!

  • 10 - 14mm lepidolite, Botswana agate, sardonyx, and copper spacers.
  • Stretchy cord bracelet fits up to 7” inch wrist. (Resizing available for a small fee.)
  • Lepidolite for willing acceptance
  • Botswana agate for problem-solving
  • Sardonyx for strength and willpower
  • Each bracelet is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.