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Pau Hana Pajama Party and Show and Tell!


FREE per person



About this experience

Our first Friday Night Pau Hana Pajama Party with a SHOW and TELL!
Friday, August 21st at 7pm

We all need some relaxation time to decompress and catch up with our friends! Take an hour to enjoy and I personally need some self-care time away from my to-do list! Let's have some fun and positivity and share what we've made or are working on!!

Share this event with all of your friends, and invite them to join us! No pressure, just come meet nice people and enjoy the camaraderie! Oh, and PJs are optional! ;)

Choose YOUR Party Mode:

• Log into the Zoom meeting: Interact with us live, show your pieces and ask for suggestions on your current project!

• Watch the live broadcast on The Bead Gallery's Ohana Page: Kickback and see what others are making and type your comments for us to see!

Either way, bring a drink, a project to work on, some good lighting and let's cruise!

****Join Zoom Meeting

The Bead Gallery, Ohana Facebook Group: