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PRE-ORDER Handcarved Shell Star Beads!

PRE-ORDER Handcarved Shell Star Beads!

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**11/16/23 - THIS ORDER IS CURRENTLY CLOSED and is up as a reminder for customers that pre-paid in June.  Please do not order unless you ALREADY ordered in June. 🫶🏼🌟 


We kindly request that you order this special shell item separately. Due to the time required to handmake these pieces, we advise against adding other items to your order.

This special order opportunity is open until June 30th, with a planned shipping date by the end of September. These exclusive, handcrafted star-shaped pieces are uniquely crafted for The Bead Gallery, Honolulu, and are only available on a pre-order basis.

These stars are available in six shell types:

  • Abalone (blue/green)
  • Black Lip Shell (Tahitian - black/brown)
  • Mother of Pearl Gold
  • Mother of Pearl White
  • Spiny Oyster Purple
  • Spiny Oyster Orange

The creation of these stars is a testament to the remarkable skill and patience of the craftsman - a solitary, elderly artisan at our vendor's cutting shop. He cuts these one at a time, exclusively for our collection.

Since they are created to order, production commences once we've placed our entire order. Given their unique charm and limited availability, we won't carry all colors regularly. Please pre-order your favorites at this special price! 

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