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Premium Chain Nose Plier

Premium Chain Nose Plier

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Premium German Chain Nose Pliers with polished jaws and slightly beveled edges to avoid marring your projects.  It works beautifully for small gauge to large gauge wire, holding without scratching and are easy to squeeze open and close! 

The nose is tapered to a fine point for bending and small spaces, it crimps with ease and will last you a long long time!  We have sets that we've been using and teaching with for over 20 years!

We highly recommend these pliers for beginners who don't want to feel frustrated by low-performance toos, and for professionals who want a quality tool.


  • Box-joint pliers with double-leaf springs
  • Made of the highest quality carbon steel
  • Vinyl-coated handles
  • Length: 4-1/2" (115mm)
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