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12/12/19 Purpose Pouch with Danton (Psychic Nalu)




30-minute sessions on the hour, starting at 12:00PM and last one at 6:00PM

It's amazing how distracted we can be on a daily basis, and how easily we forget what is most important to us: namely our purpose, our life goals, and our happiness.   This little practice of mindfulness that Danton will share with you is to remind you that YOU ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY that you invest in yourself, and that it's the mini movements that propel us forward in life!

Take some time out to create a "purpose pouch" to help you reach your goals!  It's a fun and simple way to create a mindful practice that keeps you focused on what you find most important: love, prosperity or positivity.  It's almost like a daily Christmas stocking for yourself!  TREAT YO'SELF!

Choose one of 3 intentions: Love, Prosperity & Positivity

  • Each pouch represents an aspect in life where we have an opportunity to gain or create abundance.
  • Three to four goals and/or affirmations are placed on the bag to aid in the intention and manifestation of your intentions. 
  • Receive a mandala created specifically for the topic!
  • $30 per person includes reading, bag, tumbled gemstone and 2 beads

No experience necessary.

Sign-ups recommended.  Walk-ins welcome based on space available.

Max 6 people per session