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Ruby Necklace of Your Dreams

Ruby Necklace of Your Dreams

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Ruby... The Queen of stones.

If you've ever wanted the thrill of beautiful rubies around your neck, and sitting in that lap of luxury - then these beads are for you! These are a slightly lighter pink than the traditional deep dark blood red of Burmese rubies, and feels a bit more light-hearted and uplifting with it's brighter color.   

Red is the color to increase your life force, or your "chi", and it's a terrific way to ground, center, and feel rooted in your power.


  • 61 graduated smooth round rubies ranging in size from 7 - 12.5mm
  • 21" Necklace (temporarily strung on beading cable)
  • Comes with a FREE one-time re-stringing or knotting it to the length you desire!
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