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Shiva Lingam Pocket Stones

Are you in a rut and can't seem to step out of old habits, thought patterns and cycling through the same old stuff everyday?  GIVE BIRTH TO SOME NEW IDEAS and use this stone as a reminder!

Shiva Lingam stones come from the Narmada River, which is one of India's seven holy rivers. 

Each egg-shaped stone is unique, with its own patterns and swirls. The shape and unique patterning of these stones is believed to represent both the male and female energies- so when you put those two together and you have a great stone for CREATION, FERTILITY, RENEWAL - and much like the symbol of the egg - it's a great way to birth new thoughts, ideas and plans at this time!

A mixture of agate, basalt and jasper, it's solid, energetic and each one is unique with shades of brown, burgundy,  yellow, tan and reds.

Ranging from 1.5" to 2", they are awesome to hold and we will pick one for you in the approximate size you choose!

*Want it drilled to wear as a pendant?  Let us know  - we can drill a hole for an additional $5 (normally $10)