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Silky String 5-Piece Bundles (4 Color Palettes Available)

Silky String 5-Piece Bundles (4 Color Palettes Available)

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Draw inspiration from these carefully curated collections of silky strings! Each bundle contains a quintet of habotai silk cords in a pleasing palette that will make design a snap!

  • Quantity: 5 Silk cords per bundle
  • Cord Diameter: Approximately 2mm
  • Length: 40-42 inches
  • Material: 100% Habotai silk
  • Origin: Chinese silk, hand-dyed in the USA

Use these beautiful silk cords to string beads and other components. The wide variety of colors is sure to suit any project. Due to the dyeing process, slight color variations may occur. Dyes used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly!

  • Yellows/Oranges when you need a boost of confidence and creativity
  • Greens when you want to feel successful, flexible in mind and body and ready for change.
  • Reds and Purples when you need to focus on yourself,  your power and your ability to overcome challenges.
  • Blues to calm your spirit.
  • Blacks and browns to ground yourself, stay focused and feel safe in your body.

Yes.. you may need all!  Hugs!

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