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Stegodon 12-14mm Fossil Bone Bead - 3 pc. (Rough, Rustic & Round!)

Stegodon 12-14mm Fossil Bone Bead - 3 pc. (Rough, Rustic & Round!)

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  • Approximately 12-14mm
  • Quantity: 3 pieces
  • Hole size can fit up to 1mm in most, larger in others!
  • Fossilized dinosaur bone beads are fascinating, as the appearance and dimensions of the mineral remain constant, but over millions of years the natural bone material was replaced by a material to become chalcedony, quartz, agate, or "gembone"  in a process called demineralization!  It can be traced back to dinosaurs that roamed the earth during the late Jurassic Age around 150 million years ago.

When we were bead shopping in Tucson a couple of years ago, we caught up with Steve, who gave us the lowdown on some super awesome dinosaur bone beads!

From Java, and won't be available much longer (as the source isn't that easy to access), meaning.. the dinosaurs! Best part? I was going back to pay the bill, and he was JUST unpacking these from a paper bag. Without knowing what they were, I my hands gravitated to the bag and was unable to stop myself from touching them.. so smooth, heavy and important. THEN, I asked, what are these? 

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