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Peacock Plume Connector (Sterling Silver) - 1 pc.

Peacock Plume Connector (Sterling Silver) - 1 pc.

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  • Peacock Plume Connector
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 20mm
    • Width: 26mm
  • Available in:
    • Sterling Silver
  • Designed in Canada by our friend and jewelry designer, Dana H.!


    Peacock feathers are known for their vibrant and colorful plumage, and they have been used as a symbol in various cultures throughout history. They are not just beautiful but also hold deep meaning. In many cultures, the peacock is associated with vanity and pride, and the feathers have been used to represent these qualities.

    The Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that the peacock's feathers were a symbol of the stars and the heavens, and that the eye-like patterns on the feathers represented the all-seeing eye of the heavens. In Hinduism, the peacock is associated with the god Krishna and is considered a symbol of beauty, grace, and good luck.

    When you wear a peacock feather charm, you are not just wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, but you are also wearing a symbol of beauty, pride, and good luck. It's a reminder to strive for these qualities in our daily lives.

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