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Tumbled Gemstones for Life!

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To lift our spirits and feel good, we picked stones that made us feel happy and connected!

Grounding MovementJason picked his tumbled gems for rooting and grounding! He wanted nuumite for its sense of history, spessartite garnet for his second chakra, smoky quartz for focus and freedom and green tourmaline for its heart healing power.

With the social distancing, this reminds us to connect with the hearts of others.


Mega Mix: (a great gift to give) includes blue lace agate, carnelian, chrysoprase and an unpolished crystal quartz point.  This mix was chosen by 3 of us to represent what we each would want to give to someone else.  It's a combination of love, peace, success and a crystal quartz to enhance and amplify the energies of all the stone!


Love Myself & Self Care: Jamie picked kunzite for making us feel safe and worthy and loveable, honey calcite for confidence and courage in decision-making, amazonite for peace and calm, and rhodochrosite to remind us to be in service, and keep our light lit!

With all this time we have to reflect and feel, let's keep growing and keep moving forward.


Angels & Magic: Connie has a background in Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy and she picked phantom quartz to represent angels, labradorite for magic, merlinite to connect the two, and amethyst for clarity and intuition.

A wonderful kit to heal the healers and get them back to their energetic strengths to hit the ground running.


Safe (with Crystal Point or Tumbled Crystal Stone) Our most requested kit has black tourmaline, smoky quartz and crystal quartz for the grounding and protective power of the blacks, awareness and focus that smoky quartz encourages and the crystal quartz to supercharge those energies!




If you'd like to see a past Facebook Live that Danton and Jamie did about the tumbled gemstones, please go here:

*Sorry, past prices and specials in any finished LIVES no longer apply.