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Wrap and Tap Pliers - 6 Step

Wrap and Tap Pliers - 6 Step

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Probably our most well-used and beloved plier, this 6 stepper seems to be able to do it all!! 

It can make a variety of loops ranging from 2mm to 9mm, and great for making bails, clasps, jump rings, earwires, hearts, wire wraps, and many more wire components!  The precision and consistency of loop sizes are what keeps us coming back to this plier!


  • These have cushion grips and are made of stainless steel.
  • Length: 6" (150mm)


Video Tutorials

How to Make Jump Rings: 

My Valentine Hearts:

Swirlie Hook Clasp:

Wire Christmas Tree:

Lotus Blossom:

Wire Bow:

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