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Year of the Ox Gemstone Mix

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Limited edition gemstone mix to celebrate the Year of the Metal Ox!  Gemstones in white, blue, and silver to support the metal and water qualities of the ox.

The ox is a hardworking zodiac sign.  Loyal. Hardworking, gentle, and trustworthy.   Plow the field!! Able to carry and pull burdens -  this year is about always moving forward, being helpful, and getting it done one step at a time.  Hard work, duty, discipline - just put your head down and forge ahead.

Metal is about support, resources, and authority, so you can use silver, and gold to represent this.   Silver and gold also represent money, so that’s a great symbol for auspiciousness.

Colors for metal include - white, light gray, shiny and gleaming.

Water represents self-confidence and flow.  Use blue and black to symbolize flowing waters, for change and swift communication.

We made a lucky set of beads to carry these energies with aquamarine & white quartzite in 8-12mm beads!