4mm Rainbow Tiny Gemstone Mix!

Small price, big impact!


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This product is for a set of 7 rainbow gems!

We’ve curated a beautiful mix of appx. 4mm rondelle rainbow gems for you to enjoy (see energy tab to read more about the gemstones!).  Perfect for a simple basic wire wrap bracelet or necklace, or on a tree charm for beautiful, colorful tree of life earrings!

Note: to make the earrings pictured, you must get 2 kits (one for each side!).

Beads are appx. 4mm.

Product is for 1 set of 7 beads.

  • Red – ruby
  • Orange – carnelian
  • Yellow – citrine
  • Green – green opal
  • Blue – turquoise
  • Indigo – lapis lazuli
  • Violet – amethyst


Red – ruby is a very powerful stone that can energize and activate your physical, mental, and emotional body.  It’s a stone of courage that helps you speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in.  It’s a stand-in best friend.  stimulates the heart and brings love, spiritual wisdom, health, wealth, and knowledge.  As a shielding stone, it can help protect one from harm, unhappiness, and bad dreams.  The ruby encourages one to follow bliss and is said to light the darkness of ones life.

Orange – carnelian supports leadership and courage and creative energies! a powerful aid to build confidence, courage, passion and power within yourself. this stone lends courage to “take the leap”, and to assist those who procrastinate, are indecisive, or are in fear of making a wrong decision.  It’s perfect for gentle souls who wish for good things, but have difficulty making them happen.

Yellow – citrine does not hold negative energy.  It can be used to create emotional balance and to promote personal power, creativity, intelligence, problem solving, and physical strength.   It has been called the “merchant’s stone” because it can help one to acquire and maintain wealth. A stone for success in all realms – mostly spiritual and of the heart.

Green – green opal strengthens the immune system and can give an energy boost.  Grounding and connecting to our natural energy source that we stand upon.

Blue – turquoise may be the oldest used gemstone – beads dating back to 5,000 B.c. have been found. Turquoise helps us find wholeness and truth and aides us in communication.  It helps bring about serenity and peace.  It heals emotions, relieves stress, and the list goes on.  Wear this like a daily multi-vitamin.  Turquoise strengthens and elevates all levels of energy, increasing understanding  emotional issues, creativity, and intuition, while being guided by love.  It is a healer of the spirit, a source of strength, a guide through the unknown, and a protector from danger.

Indigo – lapis lazuli helps you release stress and protects you from “psychic attacks”. Opens your third eye to “see” your inner truths, develop self awareness and allowing a freedom of self-expression.  It’s also a stone of truth, balancing your throat chakra so that you can speak your truth in all situations – ENCOURAGES YOU TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE.

Violet – amethyst has many healing powers, known as the “stone of spirituality and contentment.”  Its many uses include balancing inner forces, bestowing strength and energy, aiding meditation, bringing tranquility of mind, obtaining knowledge and insight, and protecting from attack.  A stone for spiritual protection and purification. Aids in curbing overindulgence and giving up bad habits. Helps create an energetic “shield” to ward off negativity. Brings calm and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion.


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