Adjustable Sliding Knot Feng Shui Bead – Gemstone Bracelet Kits



BEGINNING BEADERS will love this!

  • Limited edition kit features the adjustable sliding knot for easy on and off
  • Includes 2 powerful crystal quartz celestial animals to choose as a focal bead!

  • 6mm Red Agate Kit comes with the phoenix and turtle beads.
  • 6mm Amethyst Kit comes with the dragon and tiger beads.
  • 8mm Lapis Kit comes with the phoenix and turtle beads.
  • 8mm Tigers Eye comes with the dragon and tiger beads.

ENERGY tab has gemstone and animal qualities!


Bracelet Details:

  • style: hand knotted with an adjustable sliding knot
  • featuring: no metals so perfect for those with metal sensitivity
  • bead sizes: 6 or 8mm of various gemstones.  details on next tab!
  • findings: gold plated spacers
  • crystal quartz carved feng shui animal beads:  6mm red agate and 8mm lapis includes (2) – phoenix & turtle, and the 6mm amethyst and 8mm tigers eye includes (2) – dragon & tiger
  • finished jewelry length: fits from a 6” to over 8″ wrist depending how many beads you use

Kit includes EVERYTHING you need!  *Please provide your own scissors and either a thread zap, lighter or glue to seal the ends of the cord.

Red Agate – GROUND
Grounding, protective and healing, for courage, energy, strength and harmony. Get rid of fears and anxiety.

Amethyst – REFLECT
For spirituality and contentment. Balances inner forces, aids meditation, brings tranquility of mind.

Lapis Lazuli – PROTECT
Helps us release stress and protects us from “psychic attacks”. Opens our third eye to “see” our inner truths.

Tiger Eye – ENERGY
Stone of vitality and physical action!  Provides mental clarity and gets us thru tired or discouraging times.


Feng Shui Animals:

  • Dragon is a major provider of luck, happiness, and brings wealth and well-being!
  • Phoenix brings fame, fortune, success and new opportunities!
  • Tiger protects from any harm coming your way.
  • Turtle symbolizes longevity, endurance, support and stability.

The Bead Gallery, Honolulu!


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