Aloha Hawaii Copper Charms

Handstamped with love at The Bead Gallery!


  • Handmade at The Bead Gallery, Honolulu!
  • Carry the aloha spirit and energies of our beaches everywhere.
  • Copper hand stamped disk with the word “aloha” and a shell collage
  • Choose your gem from a ocean green chalcedony, light green prehnite or blue aquamarine
  • Puka shell gathered from Hawaiian beaches by our friends!
  • 3/4″ charm length
  • copper disk hand stamped w/ “aloha” and shells
  • wire wrapped gemstone
  • puka shell gathered from Hawaiian beaches by our friends


Chalcedony is helpful in restoring calm and balance during stressful times of anger, fear, panic, anxiety.  Perfect for a worry-wart – keeps you present instead of projecting what could happen in the future. Like a good cup of Chamomile tea.  Helps with mental flexibility, enhances listening skills and communicating clearly and positively.

Aquamarine (green and blue)

Aquamarine has been called the “stone of courage,” as it enhances and accelerates one’s responses and reasoning and can be used as a stone of protection.  Calming, puts us in touch with our deepest emotions, assisting in clearer communication with our soul’s purpose.  It provides a shielding aura and has been used to guard against injury.  The wearer becomes more perceptive, attuned to nature, and spiritually centered. Empowering – not thru strength and will, but through resilience

The Bead Gallery, Honolulu


#CHM072717A-1 green aqua

#CHM0727171A-2 chalcedony

#CHM072717A-3 aqua

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