Anna’s Pearl Hug Ring


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You need very strong hands to create a tight nest of wire for the pearl to lie safely in. The hands that made these also take very good care of us AND our store so I KNOW that the same love goes into these rings! This is one of my absolute favorite ring designs, passed down from my wire mentor, Lynne Merchant and now being made by “Cousin Anna,” who also had the privilege of learning from Lynne. If you wear it a lot, (which I do), and it starts to lose its perfectly round shape, just stop by or mail it in and we’ll hammer and clean it for you anytime! A pearl hug is very reassuring, and I hope it will carry you through your day.


Ring Details:

  • Size: 7 1/2
  • Style: sterling silver wire ring
  • Featuring: one beautiful dark teal freshwater pearl nested in 16 gauge wire
  • Bead Size: 14 x 18 mm (pearl wrapped in wire)


Freshwater pearls are the stone of sincerity, perfect to wear when we want to be seen for who we are.


Made by Anna Arita

Anna has been a friend to The Bead Gallery, almost from the start.  We opened on Kapiolani Boulevard in 1997 and she used to get her nails manicured in the same building.  Her cousin told her about us, and while NOT a beader, would stop in to socialize with us! She’d pop in to close our drapes and help us shut down, and it didn’t take long before she became a beader! Anna’s jewelry sold here is guaranteed by The Bead Gallery (and that she still comes in every night to close our drapes), so should it break with loving wear, we will gladly repair it. Aloha!


#JWR080517D – FJ74