Asteya Feather Necklace


These necklaces were designed around the hand stamped copper charm with single sterling silver dot.  I asked for this charm to be custom made for The Bead Gallery, in collaboration with our artist friend, Mary Jane.  Asteya in sanskrit can be translated to “non-stealing” and literally not stealing of things, resources, ideas…. I like to ALSO think of it as non-stealing of my time and yours in our work and communication.

Mary Jane made these copper charms with a single sterling silver dot that intrigued and excited me!

Upon my further questioning, she replied that “ The small sterling bead (for me) is representative of the light of clear mind. When our minds are clear we are able to to move through the world with unclouded wisdom, to see properly how we react/respond to things, to be mindful of our thoughts words and actions and how they impact our own lives and others lives…

The clear mind goes along with the enlightened mind.”

I knew that something special needed to be made.  Please enjoy this necklace.


Necklace Details:

  • Style: straight strung wood necklace with handstamped focal copper charm
  • Featuring: Hand stamped copper charm with sterling silver dot and handmade sterling silver swirly hook clasp
  • Bead Sizes: 3mm natural sandalwood beads, turquoise and carnelian
  • Necklace Length: 16 or 18”
  • Custom sizing available, please ask: each additional inch after 18” is $4.00

Gemstone Energy:

  • turquoise – for strengthening and keeping on our path
  • carnelian – for courage and standing our ground
  • sandalwood – fairly traded with a company whose profits are being used to support widows in India.  Sandalwood is a wonderfully scented and grounding wood that is frequently used in meditative and spiritual practices.  Possibly my favorite wood!


Made by The Bead Gallery, Honolulu

We have been in the business of making jewelry and teaching since 1997. Our designs and workmanship are done in the highest quality possible and are guaranteed by The Bead Gallery. Should it break with loving wear, we will gladly repair it.

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