“Year Of The Monkey” Quartz Beads


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2016 is a Fire Monkey Year!  People born with this zodiac sign are witty, intelligent, fun, and therefore have a magnetic personality.  Furthermore, fire monkeys in particular are ambitious and adventurous.

Sold by the strand, these 12mm crystal quartz beads have matte monkeys etched onto them.  Each strand has 14 beads on it.

All in all, they’re super cute for those born in the year of the monkey!



About Crystal Quartz

Crystal or clear quartz will help keep you even-tempered, and assists in thinking clearly and making decisions from a place of calm and strength.  This gemstone also enhances wisdom, meditation, communication, harmony, and love.  This clear stone amplifies the effects of other stones it’s combined with.  To summarize, this stone is for strength, stamina, and stability.