Gemstone Elixir Stretchy Cord Bracelet

Carnelian, Pink Opal & Aquamarine


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This gemstone elixir bracelet features a calming mix of carnelian, pink opal, and aquamarine and is for gentle souls who want to speak up and make good things happen.  These 10mm stones are beautifully round and feel amazing.  Each bracelet has 19 beads and can fit a 7.5″ wrist.

Furthermore, if you’d like to learn how to make your own stretchy cord bracelet, watch our tutorial video:

About the gemstones

Aquamarine is called the “stone of courage,” because it enhances and accelerates one’s responses.  As a result, it is a stone of protection.  Calming, it puts us in touch with our deepest emotions which assists in clearer communication.  This stone gives a shielding aura and has been used to guard against injury.  Therefore, you will become a more perceptive, attuned to nature, and spiritually centered version of yourself.  To summarize, aquamarine is empowering – not through strength, but through resilience.

A stone of peace and tranquility and is noted for its energies in healing emotions; pink opal helps to bring compassion.  It is a great emotional healer, since it is one of the most powerful of healing stones.  A true stone of hope and great achievement. Perfect for gentle souls, or for those with high stress and need to relax.

Carnelian supports leadership and courage and creative energies!  It is a powerful aid to build confidence, courage, passion and power within yourself.  This stone lends courage to “take the leap”, and to assist those who procrastinate, are indecisive, or are in fear of making a wrong decision.  It’s perfect for gentle souls who wish for good things, but have difficulty making them happen.

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