Island Dreamer Earrings


We designed this charming earring to reflect the laid-back life in Hawaii with a whimsical blend of tiny starfish, shell, wood flower and a drop of the ocean in our sea-tumbled fluorite!

Wear this and remember that island living is a way of thinking and a way of life!

Jewelry Details:

  • Featuring: hand shaped and hand hammered sterling silver hoops
  • Metal: sterling silver and sterling silver starfish
  • Bead Sizes: hand-matched pairs of 12 – 15mm tumbled fluorite, wood and shell
  • Length: 3” from top of the ear wire to bottom of the fluorite gemstone

Made by The Bead Gallery, Honolulu

We have been in the business of making jewelry and teaching since 1997. Our designs and workmanship are done in the highest quality possible and are guaranteed by The Bead Gallery. Should it break with loving wear, we will gladly repair it.

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