Kambaba Jasper Beads

Fossilized algae from millions of years ago!


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Connect to one of the oldest forms of life on earth by wearing Kambaba Jasper! It’s a beautiful rare fossilized jasper from Madagascar that combines a dark emerald green with brown and black earth tones.  It’s newer to the market and caught our eyes this year, and we loved it so much that we bought a big handful!  The green is ancient fossilized algae- isn’t that cool???

QUICK SCIENCE LESSON: Kambaba Jasper was named by the mining company, but the actual stone is a Stromatolite, which is a clump of fossilized algae (over 2 billion years old), with greenish or blackish orbs of petrified algae with  predominantly black centers, that fossilized over time turning the algae into stromatolite Jasper.

Strands are 8″ long.

4mm has approximately 51 beads on the strand.

8mm has approximately 25 beads on the strand.

10mm has approximately 20 beads on the strand.



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