Neon Party Mix – 8/0 & 11/0

Seed Bead Blends!


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This super fun neon blend was specifically paletted, mixed and poured at The Bead Gallery with our customers in mind.

We spent hours looking over 1000’s of seed beads in person, to carefully pick these specific colors from three Japanese companies to make you a super cute combo of colors with the highest quality!

These mixes are super special to me, as it takes an average of 18 people-hours to color palette only 10 – 15 blends and then many more to weigh and scoop it out.  I suppose if it were computerized or mass produced, it may be easier, but we choose to pick it in person, and to color match with our eyes and heart.  We also do small batches of each, to keep it special and unique!

True Story: We needed a lot of donuts after walking back and forth between rows and rows of seed beads for 6 hours.

You can make this Twined Vines bracelet or necklace with these beads:

Product Details:

  • Material: glass
  • Bead Size: 8/0 (larger beads) or 11/0 (smaller beads)
  • Tube Length: 3″

Color Palette by The Bead Gallery, Honolulu


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