Patience: Lepidolite Bracelet

A soothing bracelet to bring about patience!


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  • A combination of gems for patience, persistence and perseverance!
  • Ease your troubles with this soothing, balancing lepidolite bracelet
  • Includes a touch of botswana agate to promote creative thinking and problem-solving
  • One sardonyx focal for protection and stability

Reach your dreams!

Bracelet Details:

  • Style: stretchy cord
  • Featuring: lepidolite, botswana agate, sardonyx and copper spacers.  Each bracelet will be slightly different depending on the beads chosen (as nature provides), and we always choose the best ones 🙂
  • Bead Sizes: 10 – 14mm
  • Jewelry Length: fits up to 7″ wrist
  • Custom sizing available, please ask!

Gemstone Energy:

  • lepidolite for willing acceptance
  • botswana agate for problem-solving (2 side focals)
  • sardonyx for strength and willpower (center bead)

Made by The Bead Gallery, Honolulu

We have been in the business of making jewelry and teaching since 1997. Our designs and workmanship are done in the highest quality possible and are guaranteed by The Bead Gallery. Should it break with loving wear, we will gladly repair it.




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