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jason with tibetan brass bowls

Use a blessed brass bowl to cleanse your jewelry...

Tibetan Singing Bowls are awesome!! If you are unfamiliar with hearing or playing with them, watch the video below to get familiar with how they look, and even better, stop by the store to hear how they sound!

We love these hand hammered brass bowls (probably because we love doing metalwork ourselves in our bead and jewelry store), and believe in the idea of hammering intention, skill and love into a piece that resonates in SO MANY ways.

Our favorite singing bowls are ones that we get through our wonderful friend, Suren Shrestha. He is a master of ancient healing and vibrational therapies as taught to him by Himalayan yogis and Tibetan and Nepalese monks, using singing bowls infused with healing intentions.


Singing bowls are played by the friction of rubbing a wooden or soft mallet around the rim of the bowl to produce tones and a continuous ‘singing’ sound. The sounds can be healing, balancing, re-energizing and specific to each chakra, or generally overall clearing and cleaning in your environment!

These bowls are made in Nepal and comes from a clan that has been producing them for generations. They do a “puja” or prayer ritual, when making the bowls, and Suren also does a purifying ceremony when he receives them.

tibetan brass bowls

What makes these super special to us, is that we ask our customers to set an intention, and we share their information with Suren, so that he may pick a bowl that will best serve and live in harmony with them!

We have a 7-chakra set in the store and it comes in A,B,C,D,E,F and G notes, and while they do play in sharps and flats, we keep it simple by calling it by the main note.

Let us know if we can help you pick out YOUR bowl! Jason’s love for metalwork extend to these bowls, and he would love to help you! At the end of the video, you’ll see him at the Buddhist stupa in Sedona, Arizona where he took his brass bowl set to cleanse and set intentions of love and light. He is in the process of paying respects in a meditative circular walk in that photo.

tibetan brass bowls

*Things to consider when purchasing a bowl:

  • what note resonates with you
  • is it hand made or machine made
  • quality of the material – is it brass or some other mixed metals
  • how thick and heavy is is
  • the quality of the sound
  • who made it… and so on…. 🙂

Brass Bowls - in Action!