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3.5mm Stacked Tube Large Hole Brass Metal Bead - 15" Strand (GEM2219)

3.5mm Stacked Tube Large Hole Brass Metal Bead - 15" Strand (GEM2219)

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These beads feature a streamlined tube shape that adds a contemporary edge to any piece. Each bead measures 3.5mm, perfect for creating detailed and intricate designs. The entire strand extends 15 inches, providing plenty of beads for various projects. Designed to accommodate up to 12 gauge wire, these beads offer versatility and durability in your crafting.

Here are some excellent ways to utilize the Stacked Tube Brass Metal Beads:

  • Geometric Jewelry Designs: Incorporate these beads into necklaces or bracelets for a minimalist, geometric aesthetic.
  • Textured Accents: Use them as spacers to add texture and interest to your beaded creations.
  • Custom Earrings: Design stylish, modern earrings that feature the elegant simplicity of the tube shape.
  • Layered Pieces: Combine with other bead shapes and sizes for layered, sophisticated jewelry sets.
  • Craft Projects: Add a metallic flair to home décor or other craft projects with these versatile beads.
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