March's Featured Item: Twist Crimps

2x2 Twist Crimps are the BEST crimps ever for locking down the ends of your cable wire. The grooves allow for a tighter hold pressing against your cable wire, and very little if any slippage will happen.  We swear by these! 

Toodle off to the crimp sale here!

Coral Collection

A tiny selection of natural & dyed coral, and coral charms and beadcaps.

March is about luck, renewal, abundance, growth and Girls :) !! Pisces and Aries, get ready!

Enjoy this month's themes of aquamarine, water/ocean stones, change, growth and new ideas "springing" forward!

ALL showcases will be featured LIVE on our Facebook Page, and a smaller collection featured on thebeadgallery.com

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Youtube: Night Beading with Jamie

03/24/23 09:30pm HST

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03/25/23 12:00pm HST

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Facebook Live: Teeny Thai

03/26/23 12:00pm HST

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