A Blog about Beryls

A Blog about Beryls

We know the gemstone or mineral, Beryl, by many names. Did you know that the only difference between these different stones is their color?!
Here are the different Beryls!
  • Emerald is Green Beryl. It's one of the most valuable and popular out of all the Beryls! It's also the May birthstone. The green color of Emerald connects to the Heart Chakra, so this stone is good for balancing emotions and also for creativity! 
  • Aquamarine is Blue or Blue-Green Beryl. It's the birthstone for March. (you can learn more about Aquamarine in our blog!) Aquamarine helps you let go of old patterns, strengthen your personal power and calm tempers. The blue color connects to the Throat Chakra, and aids in communication.
  • Goshenite is White or Colorless Beryl. It's the purest form of Beryl, as it does not have other minerals in it to give it a different color. It is connected to the Crown Chakra and can help you connect to the divine - your spirit guides and the Universe. It helps you see and think clearly, so it's especially good for students!
  • Morganite ranges from pink to orange-pink to lilac. Similar to Rose Quartz, this pink stone is connected to the Heart Chakra and can help encourage love to be abundant in your life. It has a peaceful energy, and can help you release pain from the past.
  • Heliodor is between yellow to greenish-yellow, and even brown. Golden yellow or orange-yellow Beryl is called Heliodor as well, or Golden Beryl. (some people consider them to be distinctly different though!)  Heliodor is quite rare, and its color is connected to the Solar Plexus chakra. It can help boost your enthusiasm and help you overcome your fears!
  • Red Beryl or Bixbite is a very rare, red Beryl that's only found in Utah! The red color is connected to the Base or Root Chakra, so it's a good crystal for grounding. It's also good for rejuvenation and giving you a boost of energy! 

We put together this beautiful mix of beryls into a necklace to help you balance your chakras, feel energized, creative and block off negativity!

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