About Us

The Bead Gallery is not just another bead store. Situated in lively Honolulu, we've been a cornerstone for creativity for over 26 years.

Our Products: Beads and Beyond

We offer high-quality beads and crafting supplies, each handpicked to enrich your artistic journey. But it's not just about the beads; it's about what you can express through them.

Learning and Growth

We see beading as a mindful and empowering practice. To help you craft with confidence, we provide a range of workshops, tutorials, and artisan stories.

Who We Are: A Crafting Ohana

Our community is a mix of customers that have been beading with us since we opened in 1997 that are passionate about crafting and beads, along with a growing number of young DIY enthusiasts!  Everyone is welcome to join us in spreading the ALOHA spirit through artistry.

Meet The Owners: Jamie Yoshida and Jason del Mundo

Over the last 26 years, we've changed, pivoted and transformed from a small bead store, to a global online presence with multiple social media outlets, and it's still based on what the two of us find FUN, HELPFUL, EMPOWERING and all about friendship.  Thank you for being a part of this! We encourage you to bead with us and share YOUR story!

Whether you visit us in person in Honolulu or shop online, The Bead Gallery is a place to ignite your creativity and find a community that feels like family.


2021: Finding our 5th location on 885 Queen Street, Suite D Honolulu, Hawaii