Angel Message - August 23, 2021

Angel Message - August 23, 2021

Blessed Monday, 'ohana!

Today's Angel Message for the week is from "The Universe Has Your Back" deck. "I choose LOVE no matter what."

What card would be more appropriate for what is going on right now? When times are hard, when we don't agree with others, when we don't know what direction to choose - letting yourself be led by LOVE first and foremost can make all the difference. The Angels want you to remember that LOVE is the all encompassing energy that surrounds us, that created us and that sustains us. Many people are making decisions and acting without love first. If we continue to remember that Love conquers all, even in our daily lives, we can add to the positive energy that we all need right now. 

Let's focus on Love with some of my favorite Gemstones:
Tumbled Gem Set: Love-Gemstone Specimen-The Bead Gallery Honolulu
This gemstone set is called "Love" and has the universal love power of Rose Quartz and my favorite Prehnite. This helps you to open your Heart Chakra, heal your heart and open yourself to the Love that surrounds us all. 

The "Miss Nancy Heart Chakra" gemstone bead set is also a favorite of mine. It features a Rose Quartz with the Kanji for "Love" on it and I especially love that it includes Smoky Quartz for grounding and protection from negative energy! I wear it as an intention bracelet. 

Miss Nancy's Heart Chakra Gemstone Bead Set - 6 pcs.-Kit/Mix-The Bead Gallery Honolulu

Rose Quartz Angels are a beautiful way to remember that your angels are always around you, loving and supporting you! Rose Quartz is especially good for choosing Love. 
Rose Quartz Angel Pendant-Gemstone Loose-The Bead Gallery Honolulu

I hope you all have a beautiful week full of Love! 

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