Weekly Angel Message - August 9, 2021

Weekly Angel Message - August 9, 2021

Good morning 'Ohana!
This week's card is from "The Universe Has Your Back" deck from Gabrielle Bernstein. It's: "Happiness is My Birthright"

We are all entitled to happiness! The Universe is full of love and the Angels want you to be happy! Whenever you feel like you may not be worthy of feeling happy, hit that pause button and remember this card. We are all worthy of feeling happy and even if we want others to be happy, we still need to make sure we are happy too. After all, what we focus on we will manifest. Even smiling at yourself in the mirror can change your outlook for the day! Say this short message to yourself every morning this week when you wake up. I hope that this will lift you up!

Here are some gemstones and other creation suggestions to help keep this Intention for your week and beyond!
Tumbled Gem Set: Higher Happy Connection — The Bead Gallery Honolulu

This tumbled stone mix has the uplifting energy of the Lemon Quartz and Aquamarine - two of my favorite stones!

If you'd like your own little angel to keep with you, you can get a kit here:
Angel Kit — The Bead Gallery Honolulu

Rose Quartz Angel Pendant - 1 pc. — The Bead Gallery Honolulu

We featured these in the last Angel Showcase that we had! Rose Quartz is great for connecting to the loving energy of the Universe and reminding us to love ourselves as well. 

Hope you all have a blessed and HAPPY week! 

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