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Basic Pliers for Jewelry Making!

Basic Pliers for Jewelry Making!

The basic 3 pliers that we can't live without are: chain nose, round nose and flat nose pliers!  We've made it for over 20 years with these tools!

With the addition of cutters,  you will be able to do everything that we do in basic jewelry-making!

You will use:

• All 3 in basic wire wrap and briolette wrap

• chain and flat nose pliers to open jump rings

• chain nose for crimping

• round nose for loops and memory wire

• flat nose to coil, hold and turn sharp angles 

The basic set includes ALL 3 pliers, and is made with lower grade steel and less refined jaw shapes. Perfect for beginners, or if you bead about once a month.  If you only need ONE of these tools, please contact us!

The premium pliers are made in Germany with high-quality carbon steel and nicely polished jaws.  Perfect if you like to start with a quality tool that performs well, and should last decades.  We sell these individually, so please purchase what you need.

The jeweler's set is made in Sweden and the tools are ultra.  Spectacular in strength, performance and quality.   We've been using and selling them for over 20 years and can't say enough about how much we love these tools.   You will too!

All the tools are here!

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