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Feng Shui Beads: 4 Celestial Animals to Protect and Power Up With!

Feng Shui Beads: 4 Celestial Animals to Protect and Power Up With!

The four celestial animals: Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Turtle harmonize together to bring you positive energy and happiness!

•The Green Dragon (East) is a major provider of luck, happiness, and brings wealth and well-being! The dragon, is the most auspicious animal in chinese mythology and represents strength, wisdom, power and good luck.

•The Red Phoenix (South) brings fame, fortune, success and new opportunities! Wonderful for renewal and starting afresh. The phoenix has fire symbolism, and with that comes transformation and creativity!

•The White Tiger (West) protects from any harm coming your way. The tiger has powerful energy and is a reminder to overcome obstacles and fear.

•The Black Turtle (North) symbolizes longevity, endurance, support and stability. Wonderful for grounding and protection from negativity. The turtle is a sacred symbol representing the earth, as well as the spirit of water. The image of a turtle with a snake coiled around it, is known as the Dark Warrior.
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Audrey Izumoto - April 12, 2022

So very beautiful!!

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