Garnet: Stone of Love and Positive Thinking

Garnet: Stone of Love and Positive Thinking

Garnet is the birthstone for January babies! The word is derived from the Latin word “granatus” due to its resemblance to a bright red pomegranate seed. While typically the gemstone is a beautiful red shade, it can also be found in orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, blue, black, pink, and even colorless! 

Here are a few healing properties of garnet:

  • Garnet represents love and friendship. Due to its bright red color, it has been commonly associated with the heart, and by wearing this stone it could improve one’s endurance, strength, and vitality. Throughout history, warriors have worn this gemstone as a protective shield as well as a weapon as a symbol of strength and hardness. Ancient Egyptians also used garnets in jewelry and as inlays in decorative objects. They were believed to have protective powers and were often placed in amulets and talismans. 
  • Garnet is also thought to mend wounds between lovers. For example, crystal healing suggests that garnet helps its wearers become more self-aware by acknowledging and taking responsibility for their actions. Garnet also helps people communicate effectively by actively listening, allowing your partner to express their feelings, and trying to understand their perspective.
  • Garnet protects its wearers from negative thoughts—it has even been known to reduce depression! In the Middle Ages, garnets were used in jewelry and as a symbol of Christ's passion. They were also used as a talisman during this era to protect against evil and as a symbol of truth and faithfulness. 

To say the least, garnet is a stone that has been favored by people throughout history and continues to be so due to its affinities in protection and ability to heal broken bonds of love. Whether it’s the love between friends, self, or their other half, garnet has helped people heal and grow with time. 

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