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How to Get Knots Out!

Read on for my knotted threads as a metaphor for my life, or skip my musings and go straight to the video to see how to get knots out!! Untangling a knot and untangling my stresses are very similar experiences to me because I've left both projects and emotional conflicts unattended because they just seemed so tiring, needed too much energy to resolve, or I wasn't sure if I'd be able to work it out, so why try!! So I'd just leave it on the side and like most problems, it'd take up space and energy in my life but seemed too much of a task to tackle. Kind of like clutter! The good news is that if you just breathe deep, take it slowly and gently and really think about how to untangle your knot, it WILL come undone. Don't reinforce the "I can't". Because if life depended on it, you'd find the resolve and the ability! It's just being able to unearth a measure of that conviction and going for it. Sometimes I harness my fear and impatience to tackle an unknotting, and I've found that the more aggressively I attack something, the more frustrated I get and the harder the task becomes. And giving up or trying to pull the knots even tighter (as if that would make it disappear!! - yes I've done that!) becomes the easiest method of dealing. Those rarely or ever worked well for me. So when untangling knots, just be patient and know if you put in a little time and effort, love and patience, you will get a better understanding of the problem. Even how it was created and which thread to pull in order to loosen it quickly! It becomes easier each time you see a knot, it feels less daunting. You feel more and more positive about your ability to untangle and sail through it! I've been un-knotting for 20 years and I promise that it gets easier!  Even better, with enough practice you'll be able to say with confidence, "no worries, I can get that worked out!" And along the way I've shredded threads, broken and snapped cords and had to start again. But hey, isn't that like real life? It just confirms if something is worth fixing, starting over again, or repairing and continuing. But the most important lesson for me is to at least TRY! Don't give up without giving it your best attempt, just so that YOU know you are capable and amazing. I believe in you!! And yes, I do have many other projects in bags and in my life to be deranged and finished...  One day - and when I'm ready, I know I'm gonna go beast mode on them! :)

How to Undo a Knot!

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