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March Birthstone: Aquamarine

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

aquamarine bracelet

March's Birthstone is Aquamarine, derived from the Latin word aqua, meaning water, and marina, can be translated as "water of the sea".  This beautiful, captivating gemstone has been used as jewelry since at least 500 BC!! Sailors would carry it with them for protection on voyages (but if they were caught in a storm they would throw it overboard to appease the gods...I wonder how much Aquamarine is actually in the ocean!!)

The serene color of aquamarine is said to cool the temper, allowing the wearer to remain calm and level-headed. This made it a popular wedding anniversary gift! 

Aquamarine is a type of Beryl (Emerald and Morganite are also beryls!) and is most often light in tone and ranges from greenish blue to blue-green. The color of Aquamarine comes from iron, and is usually more intense in larger stones. (Google the Dom Pedro Aquamarine! Soooo beautiful!) This gemstone is mined mainly in Brazil, but also is found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan, and Mozambique. 

aquamarine bracelet

Besides protection when traveling by water and cooling tempers, Aquamarine is also known for: 

  • Helping one let go of old emotional patterns (heart chakra)
  • Improving communication (throat chakra)
  • Balancing excessive anger or fear
  • Helps overcome fear of the unknown so you can overcome obstacles
  • Strengthening personal power - confidence & courage!

aquamarine bracelet

We have these beautiful Aquamarine bracelets as samples for how to wear your Aquamarine! If you want it to help with communication and heart chakra, it would be also wonderful on a necklace, mala or earrings so it's closer to those chakras! 

If you need some Aquamarine in your life or for a March birthday present, we featured some awesome Aquamarine kits for the Year of the Ox here!

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