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New Stone Find: K2 Granite!

  k2 granite pendantk2 granite necklace It's always so amazing to find something new to us when we go to Tucson!  Sidenote: check out our Bead Gallery facebook page for live posts that we did on site as we shopped for the store - you can feel our excitement!  This year, Jason and I oooohed and aahed over the K2 granite beads that were so enchanting with the bright blue spots on the earthy granite background - we were mystified and HAD to get it in beads and pendants for the store! It feels cool and weighty in the hand, and the color is so grounding: we had to make a necklace and NEEDED a special handmade clasp for it!   Jason made a clasp, JUST for this necklace and it's a winner!  Click to see the video of him making it here!  


What is K2 granite?

K2 granite or K2 stone is a bright white granite with drops of vivid blue azurite.  This form of granite is found only at the base of the K2 mountain, the second tallest in the world - part of the Himalayan range. Its metaphysical properties combine the celestial qualities of azurite and the grounding properties of granite for the perfect harmony of Heaven and Earth.  K2 also blends strength and wisdom.

About Azurite

Azurite helps to develop psychic abilities.  In addition, it clears the mind and helps to let go of old programming to gain new perspectives.

About Granite

Granite is a powerful earthy stone, with many grounding properties.
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