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November Birthstones: Topaz & Citrine

November’s birthstones, topaz and citrine, symbolize love and affection. They are believed to give the wearer increased strength, intellect, confidence, abundance, and success.

Topaz is a beautifully weighty stone that feels great on, with a comforting presence and deep luster. And it's sidekick Citrine, is just as helpful on the energetic level, building up our 3rd chakra (above the belly button)  - where our will, personal power, authority, humor and awakening life-force resides.

EVERYONE can and would benefit from wearing citrine! Please be aware that if you are unfamiliar of the differences between a quartz and a topaz, that THERE IS a difference! We've seen smoky quartz being sold as "smoky topaz" very frequently over the years, and I've even had a vendor try to sell me a hank of crystal quartz as TOPAZ and insisting he was right because it was labeled so!  Omg. Ask questions!  Know what you are getting, and work with people you trust, because if it's too good to be true... :)  you know how that goes... 


Topaz is a hard and durable, beautiful sparkly stone with depths and weight that makes it feel luxurious to wear! Topaz,was once the name for any yellow gem; today, it describes the mineral aluminum fluoro-hydroxy silicate, the hardest of all silicate minerals. Topaz is found in igneous rocks and sometimes hydrothermal veins.

Topaz is colorless, but impurities allow it to take on pretty colors, like the golden pinkish hue in Imperial Topaz (one of our faves in the store!). We also like the blue topaz that ranges in the dark montana of London Blue topaz, to the bright ocean blue of Swiss Topaz. Those are rare in occurrence, so what we have available to us is assisted irradiation. For more information on why it's safe to wear irradiated gems, please go to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission's site.

White topaz (my fave, as it's my birthstone) assists in awareness of our thoughts and actions - and the karmic/spiritual importance of it all. It helps us clarify our intentions, align it with the divine will, and then manifest it in the spiritual world.   It’s important to hold your highest intention while wearing this stone of manifestation. The stone helps us align our words with truth - perfect for the truth speaking Sagittarians!

White topaz will aid manifestation and make the passage of achieving your desires easier and faster, and also aids you to have a more orderly approach to lifeThis stone is fluorine aluminum silicate, and often occurs as orthorhombic crystals. It is a stone that carries the energy of truth, and its vibration will help you to have improved mental clarity. It has a great energy that helps you to substitute negativity with love, peace and joy. It is also called Clear Topaz or Silver Topaz.


Citrine is in the mineral class of quartz. It takes its color from the traces of iron in the quartz and can be anything from pale yellow to bright shades of amber. Citrine tends to have a hexagonal crystal system and in its natural form has a cloudy or smoky look. The meaning of citrine is focused on prosperity, joy, and energy. As the merchant's stone, citrine has long been associated with financial success and abundance!  It's a beautiful yellow quartz that occurs naturally in nature, and does not hold negative energy. It can be used to create emotional balance and to promote personal power, creativity, intelligence, problem solving, and physical strength. It has been called the “merchant’s stone” because it can help one to acquire and maintain wealth, and has long been associated with financial success and abundance. A stone for success in all realms - mostly spiritual and of the heart.

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