Pikake (Jasmine) Flower

Pikake (Jasmine) Flower

Are you still grappling over what to gift a loved one for the holidays? We'd like to suggest our pikake collection of items because we think they're perfect for presents! Whether the recipient is a beader/crafter, or simply enjoys wearing beautiful pieces of jewelry, we think they would be pleased with our pikake selection of kits or finished pieces!

Pikake is a beautiful and popular flower used to make leis in Hawaii. They have a wonderfully indescribable scent, and their delicate and dainty petals are so iconic here in our islands!

Our pikake kits are quick and easy to make, and it will allow the recipient to carry the beauty of these fragile flowers with them whenever and wherever they want. Of course, don't forget to treat yourself to one, too!

We also carry the pikake beads (made from mother of pearl) individually, in case you want to make your own unique treasure!

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