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Teaching Tuesday - Grounding and Support

Teaching Tuesday - Grounding and Support

On our last Angel Showcase, we revealed one of our all new gemstone bead mixes! This one is for Grounding and Support. It includes:
  • 8mm Rainbow Fluorite smooth round - 10 pieces (the translucent/transparent green/green-purple beads)
  • 8mm Blue Lace Agate star-cut round - 4 pieces (The periwinkle/light blue creamy colored faceted beads)
  • 10mm Blue Fluorite smooth round - 2 pieces (The larger, darker transparent blue beads)
  • 10mm Natural Hematite smooth round - 2 pieces (the shiny, metallic looking beads)
  • 8mm Gray Wood smooth round - 4 pieces (the ones that look like wood)
Joy's Angelic Gemstone Bead Mix for Grounding & Support - 22 pcs.
Why is Grounding so important and what is grounding?
- Grounding is quite simply reconnecting with Mother Earth. Realigning your vibration with hers and clearing out what doesn't serve you. You'll sometimes feel lighter, happier or more in tune with everything around you. 
- Grounding can help with fatigue, anxiety, depression and even pain. 
- Grounding is easy: you can walk barefoot outside, sit on a lawn, go for a dip in the ocean, dig your toes in the sand...when you can't get outside, you can wear wooden beads, Hematite or other grounding gemstones!
- Hematite is known for balancing and grounding. It helps you stay calm and centered even when everything feels overwhelming.
- Fluorite helps clear your heart and head of negative energies. They can help with finding inner peace and also your purpose! If you have dreams you want to reach, Fluorite is the stone for you. Fluorite is that friend that wants to help you reach your dreams and realize your full potential.
- Blue Lace Agate is soothing and lying down and looking up a blue sky full of fluffy clouds! It helps support grounding and protecting you against stress. It's helpful for anxiety and supports clear communication.
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